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#ACourageousOne | by Bronwyn Lea

Every now and then I stumble onto something just brilliant. I think “THIS IS IT! This is what do a little good is all about. Simple, easy, POWERFUL action steps to fight injustice.” These simple, EASY acts or responses, when done collectively by our friends, family and networks are powerful waves of justice and compassion that can produce a world of good for those who need it most.

Bronwyn’s post blew me away. I “met” Bronwyn via the Locust Effect launch team (remember those posts?). Our hearts pretty much beat for the same people and causes. Please, take the time to read it in its entirety. There is some information, some education about the topic and then a brilliant, easy, but powerful way to respond.

This week, I’m doing something a little different on my blog, and I need your help.


In particular, this week is about women and children who are being enslaved and sold for sex.I know, I know. You want to stop reading already because the topic is too hard, too unfathomable, too desperate. But will you stay with me? Because there are kids right under our noses who are desperate for someone to find them and bring them to safety. They are scared and hurting and so very courageous.


This week, will you support A Courageous One with me? Here’s why we need to be involved:


There are more slaves in the world today than at any time in history, and they are kept there by violence (Remember The Locust Effect?) Some slaves are forced into cruel labor conditions, many others are exploited and sold for sex.


It happens in India, in Thailand, and in Kenya. It happens in the Netherlands, South Africa, and Australia.


And it is happening in the USA too. Conservative estimates are that there are 500 000 women and children who are being trafficked and sold for sex at the moment in the United States. The number is staggering, and it calls for us to ask some more questions.


Where is this happening?

Right under our noses. In our backyards. Sacramento, which is a few minutes’ drive away from where we live, has the 2nd highest numbers for sex trafficking in California. Incredibly, the chief of police in Sacramento claims that those numbers are a good thing: because it shows that there is actually an involved police force investigating it.


There are many places that don’t appear on any list of “cities with a trafficking problem” – but that’s not because it isn’t happening. It is happening, but no one is counting the victims or catching the perpetrators yet.


Friends, I know. It is beyond horrifying, and my purpose is not to make us suspicious of everyone we know. My purpose is this: it is to say that if we start a conversation, bring this issue to light, share about it on social media – then we are going to, at some point, be talking to someone who is directly involved in it. We just won’t know who it is.


This issue is closer than we think – and that’s terrifying.


But, this issue is closer than we think – which means we really can do something.


READ the rest over at Bronwyn’s blog.

Please, please join us in doing #ACourageousOne response!!

If her message resonated with you, please consider sharing her blog, Facebook post or anything with your own networks… lets see this wave grow exponentially!

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