2014 TIP Report – My response

Yes, I felt incredibly honored to have been invited to live blog the 2014 TIP Report in DC a couple of weeks ago. I have tried to convey the sense of privilege I felt to be able to be present during the event, standing as one with hundreds of other abolitionists in our shared passion to fight for the freedom of all. However, if

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2014 TIP Report – Live from DC

Through some pretty amazing, and generous, contacts, I was invited to attend this year’s live Trafficking in Persons Report from the State Department a couple of weeks ago. I was asked by a State Department Office To Monitor Trafficking in Persons contact to live blog the event and I couldn’t have been more honored to do so. This first post is an overall explanation

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Fair Trade Fashion | FashionABLE Teshome Bracelet

One of my favorite fair trade companies is FashionABLE. Their scarves are fabulous and I have always loved the personal connection you feel with their artisans and products. Each product is named after one of the women in their program in Ethiopia. Each tag has her hand written name and a glimpse into how the purchase of that particular product is helping change her

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Annual Trafficking In Persons Report (TIP) 2014


This month, I will be attending the live TIP Report in DC. This is a highly anticipated event for all involved in anti-human trafficking work both locally and globally. If you aren’t familiar with the report, here is a succinct description:   The annual TIP report is a global country-by-country evaluation of efforts to combat trafficking. Countries are graded on a scale from 1

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Cards Of Joy | Fighting child slavery in Haiti


Please check out this guest post by Matthew Millstein, the teenage abolitionist I introduced you to yesterday. In this season of honoring the Fathers in our lives, please consider joining him as he advocates for the fatherless in Haiti. Let’s help Matt meet his goal of raising $7200 by June 15!  Every dollar donation is matched by a generous benefactor at Beyond Borders. I know my

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Matt | Teenage Abolitionist

I want you to meet Matthew. He is the new face of abolition work. Young, passionate, dedicated, hopeful. His story is incredibly inspiring and I hope you all will walk away empowered and invigorated to do whatever YOU can do to join in the work of fighting modern slavery.     A little back story on how I came to know Matt. One day,

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Poverty Tourism| What it is and isn’t.


This week, I discovered a troll on Twitter who is raging against IJM, Noonday and all of us who are participating in the #styleforjustice “contest.” At first I planned to just ignore him, as he was making uninformed and baseless accusations and assumptions about the trip in general. He is crying #povertytourism and questioning why IJM and Noonday (and the rest of us) would

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Next stop: Rwanda (I hope!)

Many of you may have heard by now, you know, like about every day for the last 5 days, that I am hoping to win the last spot on an incredible storytelling trip with IJM and Noonday this summer. This contest came out of the blue last week, sending hundreds of us (300 to be exact) scrambling to post submissions and begin rallying our

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Mother’s Day Insta-Gift | #standwithme

Still wondering what to get Mom for Mother’s Day? Tired of the same-ole same-ole gifts each year? Want to get her something meaningful, something that will encourage and inspire her beyond “her” day? I have written about the film #standwithme a few times now; About our experience at the DC premier… about my 8-year-old abolitionist. The film is now available for digital rentals just

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Abolitionist Mama | Rachel’s Bra Drive


I have been literally jumping out of my skin waiting to share this story. Not only is it incredibly inspiring, but Rachel represents the target audience of Do A Little  Good. She is a busy, super busy mom of two little girls… who decided to be the woman she wants her girls to grow up to be. I interviewed Rachel… here is her story.

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