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THE FIND | Stories of Hope

You have all probably heard me talking about and promoting JOYN products. They are one of my all time favorite companies producing amazing products and featuring even more amazing stories. I am not the only fan. TOMS carries a JOYN line and has features Mel’s story as well. But it wasn’t until I stumbled on THE FIND by the fabulous team at LGH.TV that

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India 2.0 | What transformation looks like…

Last week, I journeyed back to India. I rarely ever go back to the same place twice. Call it the curse of wanderlust… always yearning for new, different, exciting places to visit/experience. So, being given the opportunity to return to India and specifically to Bangalore, where Daughters of Hope is located, turned out to be an incredibly enriching experience. Last year, I visited my

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Poverty Tourism| What it is and isn’t.

This week, I discovered a troll on Twitter who is raging against IJM, Noonday and all of us who are participating in the #styleforjustice “contest.” At first I planned to just ignore him, as he was making uninformed and baseless accusations and assumptions about the trip in general. He is crying #povertytourism and questioning why IJM and Noonday (and the rest of us) would

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