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Fair Trade Giveaway – Threads Worldwide

I was recently contacted by a fair trade organization, Threads Worldwide, and asked if I wanted to check out their products and possibly host a giveaway on Do A Little Good.




Threads was created by a group of three friends,

… as a way to provide a market and income to skilled artisans who would otherwise be limited in their potential. We source handcrafted products from around the world that we love for their quality and style, regardless of their story – and, each piece has an amazing story! We wanted to provide a scalable way to impact artisans around the world so we developed a social selling model where women in the US can make money while also making a difference.




I asked Leah at Threads what were the similarities and differences between their company and companies like Noonday and Trades of Hope etc. I loved her response and couldn’t agree more:

…at the end of the day we’re similar as we’re all educating consumers on the power of fair trade through a direct sales model. We have different missions and variations on our models, we work with different artisan groups, but overall – if I can speak on behalf of the other companies, we are out to make fair trade obsolete. I’d like to think we are working for the day when it is a given that worker’s rights, wages and working conditions are to such a level that we no longer need to label products as ‘fair trade’.


I have consistently seen such a spirit of collaboration and support (over competition) within the fair trade fashion industry. That in itself is a miracle in the marketplace and well worth supporting.



I absolutely loved the alpaca hand warmer gloves Threads sent me. My 10-year-old daughter has been eyeing them, too, so I need to keep them somewhere “special.” 🙂 They are incredibly soft and feminine. I have been to Peru and it brings back such great memories having something authentically made in Peru with alpaca wool. This is the story attached to my hand-warmers –

Women who learned knitting from a young age eventually moved with their families to Lima, Peru. This cooperative employs the women to provide a source of income for their families. The women knit together in a central office and are able to take materials home to work while tending to their families. Each item is knit by the same woman ensuring consistent tautness.


Definitely check out their shop, Facebook, Instagram… This is a fabulous place to get some last-minute holiday shopping done!

And now for the GIVEAWAY.. Check out this stunning cuff. I can’t imagine a more classic “get dressed up and go out on the town” piece! I secretly wanted to keep it for myself, but alas, that was against the rules. So, who wants it?! Enter the drawing here and I will notify the winner on Friday!



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Interested in learning more about Threads Worldwide or becoming a partner with them? Check out the video and website.

Thank you, Threads Worldwide, for all you are doing to bring dignified work to artisans around the world as well as empower women here in the States to be able to work “for good.” And thank you for the lovely hand warmers!


*Threads Worldwide sent me products to review and give away, but all views and opinions are my own. 


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