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October Campaign -Chocolate

Oh yes. We are talking chocolate. All. Month. Long. Its October, y’all. Halloween candy time.



(photo credit: Trade As One)


One Month

One Topic

One Call-To-Action


Don’t worry, I am not trying to take your chocolate away from you… I am trying to help you make sure there aren’t child slaves in your chocolate, that’s all.


We have alot to learn this month, and I have some exciting giveaways this month… yes, edible ones!

Looking at my chocolate bar and wondering if children were enslaved in the process is kinda heavy. I get it. We (I) would rather just eat and enjoy without the side of guilt and horror. 

But here is the thing… we can have our cake, er, uh, our chocolate and eat it too in this case. 

Its called FAIR TRADE CHOCOLATE, and let me tell you… it’s beyond amazing. If you regularly enjoy chocolate of the Hershey’s or other American sort, you will WANT to switch… for moral and taste reasons. Trust me on this one.


So, yes, it’s a deep topic. But its a necessary conversation and best of all, it has a resolution! We can make progress on this one, folks. So don’t be afraid to dive in with me this month. It will be a sweet time. 🙂 Yes, yes it will.

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