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STIRR – Make A Stirr on IWD 2017

International Women’s Day is coming up on March 8, 2017. How are you planning to celebrate? 


I have had the privilege of partnering in a small way with my friend Calvina as she has poured out her heart and soul into a new project called STIRR.


STIRR’s journey to India started in November of 2011 when founder and photographer, Calvina Nguyen first set foot in Kolkata. There her eyes were opened to the dark realities of sex trafficking. She’s traveled back and forth from the USA to India numerous times getting to know communities transformed and now living in freedom. Heartfelt conversations had on woven mats while sipping chai and eating delicious food with the courageous women who chose to walk away from the oppression of the sex trade compelled her to take action and tell their stories of freedom and hope.


The transformation of these lives would not have been possible without the work of freedom businesses. These business were all founded for the purpose of giving women a choice of respectable and alternative income. Each was started and run by individuals who gave up the comforts of their western worlds to live in community with the women they employ.


STIRR works in partnership with freedom businesses to bring these stories to light. Behind each story is a mother, a sister, a daughter. It bridges the gap between worlds; breaking down barriers of culture, language, and continents. It brings people together for real conversations around the table creating ripples of change.


Food is nourishment. Food is community. Food is an artform. Some of the best moments of our lives are had around food that bring people together. It gives us a peek into traditions and cultures when flavors reach our mouths and tickle our palates.


Each day our heroes works hard to bring food home to feed her family. Through rich traditions of cooking, she shares her love in the meals she cooks. She now shares her life with us through our family recipes. And by cooking and eating these meals at our own tables, we can have a taste of her hope and freedom too.


GO TO http://makeastirr.com/invite/ TODAY TO SUBSCRIBE!! (free)



When you subscribe with STIRR, you pick your comfort level of hosting… Chai Chat? Smoothie Party? Dinner Party? STIRR provides everything you can possibly need to plan, invite and host your event. The Host Guide is completely downloadable and includes everything you need: checklists for planning, recipes, decorating tips and images for inspiration, tri-fold menu to display, placecards, invitations (paper and electronic options), a Freedom Story, conversation sparks, an action card for further connection with the woman in the freedom story and the freedom business she works for, and more!

I got a sneak peek at the Host guide and it is absolutely stunning. 

Who doesn’t need a break from our digital lives and some real, face-to-face, conversation around a table with friends, co-workers, neighbors or even acquaintances you have been wanting to connect deeper with? What better way to celebrate the women in our own lives, as well as the women around the world who have overcome the greatest of odds (sex trafficking) than by having a party on International Women’s Day.

Hosts and guests are encouraged to share images of their party online using specific hashtags (included in the Host Guide). Calvina will then curate these images into a special keepsake book for the woman in India who shared her story and recipe that month. This is a tangible way we can stand in solidarity with a woman on the other side of the world, showing her that her courage and story matters and that it moved us towards more awareness and action on the behalf of women around the world.

Please join me and hopefully many others in hosting an event on International Women’s Day!


Make a stirr about freedom, hope, women and the stories we all have to share and inspire! 



Check out STIRR on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM as well!


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