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Back To School… Educating Girls

On a light note, two of my three went back to school today. It was a happy, happy day. 🙂 I am excited about some upcoming changes in my life, and especially for some dedicated (read: not interrupted by constant screaming, whining, fighting, tattling all.the.live.long.day) time to write more for this site. The Holiday Shop 2015 is also in the making and I am

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Preschoolers for Social Justice!!

No, I am not crazy. I am beyond excited to share this post with you all. To make a long story shorter, I stumbled onto a soul sister last week through a random facebook feed. As soon as I read up on Courtney Christenson, her book, website and pretty much anything I could find (yes, I stalked her online), I realized that we were

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It works!

Last week, while blogging with #compassionbloggers, I made the case for HOPE based on the recent review of the efficacy of child sponsorship. There were lots of words and quotes shared. Let me share the stats with you another way….   Really. IT WORKS. Changing the world, one child at a time, IS possible. The question is, Will YOU do your part in changing

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Why me? Why not her? Why you?

The more I learn about poverty, human trafficking and modern slavery, the more perplexed I am about something. One question pulses in my brain, day after day, week after week. WHY?  Not why the pain, why the poverty, why the injustice…. but why was I born where I was born, when I was born? Why me?  Bono refers to this geographical and locational “crap

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