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India 2.0 | What transformation looks like…

Last week, I journeyed back to India. I rarely ever go back to the same place twice. Call it the curse of wanderlust… always yearning for new, different, exciting places to visit/experience. So, being given the opportunity to return to India and specifically to Bangalore, where Daughters of Hope is located, turned out to be an incredibly enriching experience. Last year, I visited my

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Ethical Fashion | HOPE products + Noonday + The Root Collective

Spending time in India with the wonderful, brave, inspiring ladies at Daughters of Hope this past January has been the highlight of my year. When I found out that they have just released their first line of fair trade products to be sold here in the USA, I went a little wild. I immediately connected with the wonderful people in Georgia who are dedicating

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Happy 2014!

Happy New Year from Do A Little Good!  I am quite excited about this year, both personally and professionally. I am always on the quest to find ways to weave doing good into all areas of my life. Life has felt quite compartmentalized over the last couple of years… there is the family life, the photography business, and social justice work. All seemed very

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