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#ACourageousOne | by Bronwyn Lea

Every now and then I stumble onto something just brilliant. I think “THIS IS IT! This is what do a little good is all about. Simple, easy, POWERFUL action steps to fight injustice.” These simple, EASY acts or responses, when done collectively by our friends, family and networks are powerful waves of justice and compassion that can produce a world of good for those who

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Abolitionist Mama | Rachel’s Bra Drive

I have been literally jumping out of my skin waiting to share this story. Not only is it incredibly inspiring, but Rachel represents the target audience of Do A Little  Good. She is a busy, super busy mom of two little girls… who decided to be the woman she wants her girls to grow up to be. I interviewed Rachel… here is her story.

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Know a teenage girl? This is for you. And her.

The Washingtonian just posted this article. Its heart wrenching. It’s hard to read. Its bad news. BUT IT IS REAL LIFE. This is not a Hollywood version of the story. This is what is happening in your backyard, and mine (literally, in mine as I am in one of the DC suburbs they refer to). “But since 2011, police and federal agents have taken

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