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THE FIND | Stories of Hope

You have all probably heard me talking about and promoting JOYN products. They are one of my all time favorite companies producing amazing products and featuring even more amazing stories.

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I am not the only fan. TOMS carries a JOYN line and has features Mel’s story as well.

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But it wasn’t until I stumbled on THE FIND by the fabulous team at LGH.TV that I sat back and went, “Whoa…. This is incredible. This is life changing.”

Full disclosure, I watched the episodes initially because Dave and Mel went to our college and also led worship at our church during our college years. Their kids also go to the international high school up in the foothills of the Himalayas that my husband went to. So there was a deep personal connection to this story.

I watched all the episodes myself. I was blown away by the quality, the artistry,  the story itself. Beautifully filmed, and communicated. I have since watched almost all of the episodes with my three girls. This morning, my 7-year-old begged me to watch another episode before having to go to school.

The Hansow’s take their two kids with them on this journey to India to film Dave and Mel’s story of moving to India and starting two businesses that are not only producing top quality products, but also fostering life change in the process. My kids loved the cinematography and the witty clips of the Hansow kids experiencing life in northern India.

And best of all? As we were watching the process of the hand block printing of the fabrics, I pointed to the two JOYN pillowcases on our couch. It’s like the proverbial lightbulb went off over their heads. Yes, girls… That person with that past and this amazing future hand-printed our beautiful pillowcases.

Here is the first episode of THE FIND: INDIA… Please, do yourself a favor and watch it. Then go home and watch all of them. The story is engaging, compelling, inspiring and challenging. It is worth every minute of your time.



And then, can you do something for me (and them)? Share the story with your friends and networks. THESE are the stories that should be trending on social media. These are the stories that inspire and birth HOPE and OPPORTUNITY and positive change.

And seriously, don’t we all need more of that in our lives?!

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